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the scientific solution

to calibrate course and finish of your marathon,

from the start

simulation software for race organizers
The Story

The scientific algorithm behind

start right was developed in 2016.

Over the years of 2017 & 2018 the simulation was refined and tested, together with the world's greatest marathons and the world-leading university in crowd science.

The Vision

We support races of any distance

to understand and use the

important connections between

the start of a race and all its

resources on the course and

at the finish.


The Technology

Start Right uses multiple

dimensions to setup a unique simulation for races

of any distance and any size.

Once set up, different scenarios

can be tested within

few minutes.

How it works

9 - race simulation in 3D.png


By using scientifically developed algorithms and up to 6.5 million calculations, we uncover the utilization of the finish and every point on the course at any time of the race.


Working with the 

world-leading marathons

we reach an accuracy 

of above 99.5 % between

calculation vs. actual times.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-01 um
How it works
What we can do for your event

Start Right is used by leading races world wide. Once your event is modeled, we can simulate your race and  give insights into any of the below questions...

- expansion strategy to allow more runners

- necessary road width

- road closure 

- adjustment of resources

- coordination with television broadcasts

- test your start procedure 

- course crossing times

- decision support for emergencies

- synchronization of junctions and merging

- live adjustment to mid-race changes

- staffing on the course and at the finish


... and more.

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- Simulation for your event

- We can test unlimited scenarios and questions for you

- Support by Chicago Event Management or SCC EVENTS Berlin

Please reach out for further information and pricing.

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Start Right is unique

and meets the needs

of any race with

quality and ambitions.


Dave Cundy
Vice President

Association of International Marathons



The accuracy of Start Right​

is the result of dedication

and hard work for our sport.


Mike Nishi

General Manager

Bank of America Chicago Marathon


Start Right may very well

move a whole industry



Mark Milde

Race Director



A great example for

crowd science. While also understanding the nature

of running events 100%.


Dr. G. Keith Still

Professor of Crowd Science
Manchester Metropolitan University

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